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Main Street Market has been providing personalized, attentive service to the Rice Lake community for 30 years. Since it's incorporation on the sunny afternoon of September 23rd 1988. Main Street Market prides itself on serving the Rice Lake community through providing a local availability to organic, wholesome food and supplements. So pour yourself a cup of green tea and enjoy a warm bowl of soup from our deli and learn of those who came before us.


Cooperative Origins in Rice Lake

Close your eyes, imagine a grand thoroughfare, unpaved and dusty. Next take a deep  breath,

smell the exhaust from the nearby passing "autos" exhale. Take another deep breath in, smell the

scents of street purveyors cooking, what seems to be a melting pot of  cultural foods. Next listen to

the noises around you, hear the sound of "autos" passing by, listen to the distinct sound of their

horns. Listen to the local paper boys shouting the daily headlines, listen to the trees sway in the

background, and listen to the wind blow dust and dirt across the vision you see. On either side of

the thoroughfare there are long lines of buildings that seem comparable to long walls on either

side. Some of the buildings are built with the wood that was once prominent in the surrounding

forests near us. Origins of cooperatives in Rice Lake were approximately 15 years younger than

the city itself. Cooperatives included were The Farmers Union, Farm Bureau, and the National

Farmers Organization.  Most of these cooperatives were primarily focused on agricultural                                                                                         education, agricultural legislation and funding.  The Farmers union is still successfully                                                                          

operating today however, The Farmers Union eventually fell under the CENEX name. The initial

cooperatives were primarily focused on teaching and seeking government support for agriculture.

The first food cooperatives didn't hit the main street scene until the mid 1920's . 

The market on main street?


The Main Street Market has been providing the communities in Barron County, WI direct access to healthy, organic, wholesome and tasteful food successfully for 29 years. (MSM) wasn't always on main street, in fact (MSM)  was housed on Orchard Beach Lane in Rice Lake. Despite the name Main Street Market, "the co-op" is legally known as All Seasons Food Cooperative. As a buying club, All Seasons Food Cooperative had increased their buying power and inventories. The expanding inventories that were faced caused the buying club to purchase our current building at 1 South Main Street in Rice Lake, WI. The building being incredibly old at the time was a relic

and has an extensive history. The original use for the building was to house the offices and

print shops for the Rice Lake Chronotype. "The Chronotype" is still in production today and

provides local news etc. to the communities of Barron County. The Rice Lake Chronotype

has been produced weekly since it's release in 1874. This approximates the building to the 

year 1890. In the photograph on the right notice the tall building being the wagon. This

building is what currently is Main Street Market. In this year shown the chronotype would 

have been in production and would have been possibly reporting about the final gold rush

of 1896 in the Canadian Yukon. This picture of (MSM) is approximately 20 years younger 

than the invention of the Ford Model T. The building has three levels the upstairs, main floor

and basement. Which according past resident of 1 South Main St. Rice Lake, WI Don Carney

who had lived in the upper floor of the building as a child can chronicle his experience like

it happened yesterday. Only mentioning the memories of his childhood in the building and seeing the headlines before they were released to the public. In the basement of the building there were several large commercial printing presses that produced the fine newsprint that changed the lives of hundreds. As space in the building declined The Chronotype moved to a close location on main street in Rice Lake. Directly following 

their moving, in came Scotty's Flooring. Scotty's flooring was a general flooring store that featured many samples of tile, hardwood and carpet including infamous shag carpet as well. The pictures below show (MSM) today (left side) and Scotty's serving as the backdrop for the 1986 aquafest parade.











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