Products and Services at Main Street Market

Groceries and Bulk   We stock organic pantry staples for both your convenience and for quality assurance. You will find trusted organic brands as well as unique and local items throughout our grocery aisles. Look for our bulk product offerings throughout the store. Help us reduce our impact on the environment by bringing your own container and dispensing bulk oils, castile soaps, nuts, beans, snacks, spices, and medicinal herbs.

Produce   The finest organic produce is available in this department. It is an exciting era in the local farming arena, and we try to host as many close-to-home, organic producers as possible! During the summer months, around 50% of the produce department is dedicated to farmers that grow food within 100 miles of the cooperative. We sell produce that is grown in Barron, Rusk, Chippewa, Eau Claire, Washburn, St. Croix, Bayfield, Douglass, Dunn, and Sawyer counties. We are also beginning to offerlocal produce in the winter that is grown hydroponically. See Our Purveyors (create link here) to meet the farmers.


Supplements and Wellness   A complete line of health and wellness supports that range from herbal supplements, ayurvedic supplements, and homeopathic remedies. We feature excellent probiotics, digestive enzymes, immune-building supplements, and inflammation-reducing herbs for your whole body’s health.


Health and Beauty   From fragrance free and cruelty free to 100% Essential Oils and do-it-yourself beauty ingredients, you can find all your clean beauty products here for your bath and bedroom. Our beauty products have fewer preservatives, carcinogens, petrochemicals, respiratory and skin irritants than conventional products do.


Special Orders     We will do everything possible to process your requests and get your products into the store. Members who purchase products by the case receive an unlimited 10% off regular shelf price each time they pre-order.